YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel
YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

November 28, 2010

Poonam Shatrughan Sinha & YJ Swati Garg
The 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for The Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2010 recently got over. And this year it was hosted by none other than our very own

This grand 3 day conference was held in aamchi Mumbai. Naturally, apart from the humongous number of Principals (1200 atleast from all over India), there were also a staggering number of celebs who graced the occasion. Not wanting to be left behind, we YJs took up the task of trying to glean as much info as possible from them.
Daisy Irani Child Artiste of 50's
with YJ Namrata
Parikshit Sahani is trying hard to convince YJ Shreya

The conference was held from the 24th to the 26th of November, 2010 at the picturesque Renaissance Hotel, Powai. And mind you, in spite of a wide gamut of celebs, our questions were endless and entertaining!! There wasn't a single quiet moment. With dynamite sessions and performances going on within the hall, and incessant interviewing on the outside; let's just say that we YJs didn't just learn a lot, we also enjoyed loads. What more can I say- LEARNING AT IT'S BEST!!

YJ Moulika discussing pros & cons of Media with Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Director- CSU, AIR
By the way, these icons weren't the only people we had the good fortune to meet. But, I ain't telling you more today!!! Come back tomorrow for more...

November 6, 2010

The New batch of YJs ready to Shoot....

Teenage Dhawni from RIS Chembur learning camera handling
The Studio at Ryan Inter national school Chembur, was once again buzzing with activities as nearly 23 students  enrolled them selves for the BBN course to become Young Jourknows.  After completing the COLD (course on line data) training,the future young jourknows started the HOT(hands on training). 

 Looks likeYJ Sanchi & Jeet facing a different camera...... 
YJ Meher taking  tips from Mansi ...

All the Young Jourknows will receive their certificates when  their school reopens after Diwali holidays. These new YJs will be appearing on Topper channel,  Spacetoon TV channel & on Iceplex .tv.

YJ learns the professional way to hold a camera and compose the frame...
YJ sahej is already on the job, grilling Preeti 
All together this group of students were found to be keen learners, innovative and above all original in their development of news stories. For them the world of Television News is much beyond the level of just Breaking News.