YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel
YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

February 12, 2011

YJ's On SHARA ONE Press Meet @ Mumbai

Friday the 11th of Feb was a memorable day for the Young Jourknows of Iceplex as their dreams began to take shape when Johny Lever the ambassador of Iceplex.tv presented the programme YJ's on Sahara One to the press.
Chief General Manager Mr. Suresh Mishra of Sahara One 
On this occasion several dignitaries were present along with more than 25 young jourknows. Chief General Manager Mr. Suresh Mishra of Sahara One Entertainment Network, spoke eloquently on the reason why Sahara has come forward to support this programme on their network. He said the country sorely lacks programming for the youth and with this endeavour he wishes the voice and the talent of these students comes to the fore.

Johny Lever Brand Ambassador Iceplex
Mr. Johny Lever the king of Comedy also the Brand Ambassador of Iceplex expressed his amazement on how these little ones face the camera with such ease. He added that the content created by Iceplex through these Young Jourknows is mind blowing. He longed to be a kid so that he too could become a YJ.

CEO Ryan International Schools Mr. Ryan Pinto
CEO of the Ryan International Schools  Mr. Ryan Pinto thanked Sahara One for their support, he was looking for the day when one of his talented YJ's or a Ryanite heads the nation as the Prime Minister. Amid huge applause it was greeted with enthusiasm since Ryanites have not only conquered Mt Everest but also made their presence felt in outer space.
Head Strategy Ryan Group Mr. Francis Joseph
Head Strategy with the Ryan Group Mr. Francis Joseph stated emphatically that the vision of the Chairman Dr. A F Pinto and Managing Director was seeing fruition through Iceplex. The day is not far off when every Ryan and its friendship schools will have an Iceplex studio so that more students can get the opportunity to become YJ's.

Head Content Development Iceplex, Shibani Sharma
Head Content Development Iceplex, Shibani Sharma while conducting the press meet, spoke of the need for content "for the people, of the people but BY THE YOUTH" making the tag line for the YJ's very apt. She praised the vision of the Chairman Dr Pinto for providing this media initiative to the students giving them one more career option and the efforts of the Ryan schools for not only encouraging multiple talents but for providing them the skills for it.

YJ Shreya Mane

The YJ's like true journalists came up with some pinpointed questions which were well received and well answered.


  1. A very hearty Congratulation..Great start...wishing the team of young jourknows a very successful path ahead..:)

    Malhar Chaudhari