YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel
YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

December 7, 2010

Bollywood Lyricist Sameer with YJ Shreya

 The 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of  Schools for The Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2010 , lasted for three days.
  The YJs  were on their toes  9 to 5 on all days.
    They impressed the celebrities with their wit , wisdom & winning personality. 
   Sameer the Bollywood lyricist was particularly happy to note that the YJs had a deep knowledge of their subject.                                          
Shaina NC the Socialite & designer with YJ
Harsha Bhogle with the YJ

Shaina NC the National Designer  was equally happy to be in the midst of the Young Jourknows. 
 She had all the praise for the Ryan group, for taking the initiative to open the media window ICEPLEX.TV for the benefit of  school going students country wide 

Harsha Bhogle the renowned Cricket commentator & sports Journalist was happy to see the way Ryan group of Institutions have groomed  the students, in the field of media studies. He commended Madam Grace Pinto for her initiative in this regard.                                  
Poonam Shatrughan Sinha & the Young Jourknow
Poonam Sinha (the mother of Sonakshi Sinha of Dabang fame)  
was delighted to be in the midst of YJs.  She complemented them for their smart & straight forward approach. She was also pleased to see the way YJs conducted themselves during the ASISC meet at Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai.

December 1, 2010

DD News: The 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for The Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2010

DD News broadcast the coverage of the 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for The Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2010, school Principals, who met at Mumbai for the 53rd annual Conference. The news excerpt video has been uploaded for the benefit of those who missed the telecast . The story and the coverage has been done by Iceplex former YJ: Madeeha who now works for DD News at Mumbai.   Happy Viewing !!!

November 28, 2010

Poonam Shatrughan Sinha & YJ Swati Garg
The 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Schools for The Indian School Certificate (ASISC) 2010 recently got over. And this year it was hosted by none other than our very own

This grand 3 day conference was held in aamchi Mumbai. Naturally, apart from the humongous number of Principals (1200 atleast from all over India), there were also a staggering number of celebs who graced the occasion. Not wanting to be left behind, we YJs took up the task of trying to glean as much info as possible from them.
Daisy Irani Child Artiste of 50's
with YJ Namrata
Parikshit Sahani is trying hard to convince YJ Shreya

The conference was held from the 24th to the 26th of November, 2010 at the picturesque Renaissance Hotel, Powai. And mind you, in spite of a wide gamut of celebs, our questions were endless and entertaining!! There wasn't a single quiet moment. With dynamite sessions and performances going on within the hall, and incessant interviewing on the outside; let's just say that we YJs didn't just learn a lot, we also enjoyed loads. What more can I say- LEARNING AT IT'S BEST!!

YJ Moulika discussing pros & cons of Media with Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Director- CSU, AIR
By the way, these icons weren't the only people we had the good fortune to meet. But, I ain't telling you more today!!! Come back tomorrow for more...

November 6, 2010

The New batch of YJs ready to Shoot....

Teenage Dhawni from RIS Chembur learning camera handling
The Studio at Ryan Inter national school Chembur, was once again buzzing with activities as nearly 23 students  enrolled them selves for the BBN course to become Young Jourknows.  After completing the COLD (course on line data) training,the future young jourknows started the HOT(hands on training). 

 Looks likeYJ Sanchi & Jeet facing a different camera...... 
YJ Meher taking  tips from Mansi ...

All the Young Jourknows will receive their certificates when  their school reopens after Diwali holidays. These new YJs will be appearing on Topper channel,  Spacetoon TV channel & on Iceplex .tv.

YJ learns the professional way to hold a camera and compose the frame...
YJ sahej is already on the job, grilling Preeti 
All together this group of students were found to be keen learners, innovative and above all original in their development of news stories. For them the world of Television News is much beyond the level of just Breaking News.

October 16, 2010

YJ Shaswat putting forth his views to the Hon'ble Governor of Maharashtra

  The 15th of October was a special day for the YJs. On his 78th
birthday, the governor of Maharashtra, His Excellency Shri K
Sankaranarayanan granted audience to our very own YJs to interact with him at
Governor House, Raj Bhavan.

 Hon'ble Governor of Mahrashtra  celebrates his Birthday with YJs
                            YJs Swati Garg, Shashwat Verma & Shreya
Mane from Ryan International School, Goregaon, Shefali Gautam from
Ryan International School, Kandivli, Nikshit Patani from Cambridge
School, Kandivli, Niranjan Wankhede from Ryan International School,
Malad & Shamindra Malaichamy from Ryan Global School, Andheri, had an
awe inspiring time with His Excellency and left hoping they could have
one more chance to meet him.
Ms Snehal Pinto(Ryan Group) in conversation with the Hon'ble Governor 

October 14, 2010

Iceplex Studios: The breeding ground for Young Jourknows

A peek into the Iceplex studios at Ryan International 
school Malad , Mumbai gives an insight, where the YJs produce the News for various broadcasting networks

YJs are provided with an opportunity to face the camera during the production exercises.
YJs are required to make screen presentation using both single camera and multi camera production techniques. 
The YJs  produce news and current affairs as well as fictional type of programmes under the watchful eyes of the experienced faculty.
The green chroma curtain creates a world of 
 virtual reality for the YJs to produce best results

Auto cue which is attached to the camera in the studio helps the YJs  in newscast

October 13, 2010

              Orientation Session for the 
                           JUNIOR YJ.
                            NOW OPEN!!!!
FREE workshops on the 16th of October 2010 
                                       Venue RIS Chembur 10 am to 12:30 RIS Malad 3pm to 4pm. Only 100 students per venue. Registrations will take place after the session on a first come first served basis.

October 12, 2010

When the Mountain came to meet Mohammed......

YJ Shreya Mane With Viswanathan Anand
The undisputed world chess champion along with his wife visited  Ryan International school at Goregaon. He was thrilled by the heart warming reception given by the Ryanites. On this occasion ICEPLEX TV produced an Audio Visual on the life and times of Viswanathan Anand , which brought tears in the eyes of Grand Master's wife. 
YJs with Grand Master Visawanathan Anand
A specially designed cake in form of a chessboard was cut to honor the chess champion.

  You may like to read this piece of information about the champion  He started playing chess at the age of 6. He learned the game from his mother, Smt Susheela Anand, as his brother did not have the patience to play chess. In Philippines, he and his mother would solve puzzles, which were aired on a TV channel and send in the answers together.
The winner would get a book as a prize. Over a span of time, Anand won so many prizes that, the producers told him to take all the books, but not to send in any more entries. 
Well thats all we have in this post. Do watch this video report by YJs on Viswanathan Anand.

October 8, 2010

DD News carry the success story of the YJs...

                            DD News carry the success story of the YJs.....
The Inauguration of the 2nd Studio at Ryan International School Chembur was a national news and the same was  carried by the National Broadcaster both on Terrestrial and Satellite TV networks. The clipping has been uploaded for the benefit of those who missed the telecast. Pl view and upload your comments on the blog .Happy viewing...


YJs or Young Jourknows term was coined for the students who did the BBN (Beyond Breaking News) course which is both  COLD & HOT organised by www.iceplex.tv  under the ageis of Ryan International Group of Institutions, through out the year.
YJ Shashwat  at work place
 COLD- (Course On Line Data) The students aged 11 to 21 under go the news presentation, news gathering news scripting, news reporting, shooting ,editing etc. online for 6 weeks.

HOT- (Hands on Training) After finishing the COLD training online, the students are then invited to take up the Hands On   training  in a multi camera set up studio in Mumbai , wherein they learn the camera operations, post production techniques, how to gather and write news bulletins for TV. They are taught the ethics of News broadcast. Accuracy over Immediacy  or Immediacy over Accuracy is what they must under stand. 
YJs display BBN certificates with Anil Deshmukh(Minister F&Cs), Dhanraj Pillay& Mukesh Sharma 
By the end of the week the students are ready with  News Bulletin. The same is show cased  in presence of a media celebrity and the students are given certificate. They are now YJs.who have take up the Ethics of news reporting  BEYOND BREAKING NEWS. They were first seen on TV9 . They are now a regular feature on Topper channel &  Spacetoon Kids TV which is  a free to air channel for children and has footprint through India, Middle East & South East Asia.

The Icing on the cake is the YJ Madeeha, who is now working with DD News channel.
YJ Madeeha in conversation with Johny Lever
Are you a student & interested in becoming a YJ, send you email to  ryan.kumarabhi@gmail.com 

October 7, 2010

  YJs & The Priyadarshni Academy Awards -2010  

YJ Shefali Gautam With CM Ashok chavan
 19th September 2010, marked a special day for eminent personalities    not only in India, but also globally. The 26th anniversary Global Awards  instituted by the Priyadarshani Academy honored several awardees for their significant contribution in their respective fields. The awards were presented by the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Chavan and, presided over by Chairman of the Academy, Mr Nanik Rupani. The awardees were selected by scientist, Chairman of the Priyadarshni Academy's, Global Awards Advisory Dr. R. Mashelkar committee. 

YJ Swati & Shefali Interacts With Bolly wood star Vidya Balan
Young Journknows from RIS Goregaon and Kandivali were also present at this function and had an opportunity to interact and interview the Awardees.

YJ's were given the names and brief profiles of the awardees, they were assigned to carry out more research so as to frame informed and interesting questions. They not only interviewed each and every awardee but also a host of other eminent personalities. 

YJ Swati Garg with the Minister Anil Deshmukh 

October 5, 2010

Mukesh Sharma ,Kanchan Adhikari & Kalpana Lazmi
 Gandhi Jayanti, this year, was yet another memorable day for us here, at Iceplex. The Ryan International Group of Institutions'Media initiative popularly known as iceplex.tv inaugurated it's Second and newest studio at the Ryan International School, Chembur.
Kumar Ketkar Chief Editor LokSatta
Johny Lever 
An assorted and astounding variety of personalities right from a Bollywood singer to movie director to a producer to a print journalist to a bollywood comedian- kept the audience captivated.  But, our "young jourknowlists" were not far behind with their questions, wits and charm. All in all, there were enraptured audiences on both sides of the Ribbon!!!
Ryan Pinto CEO Ryan Group
Kalpana Lazmi Bollywood Director

Roop Kumar Rathod Music Director &Singer

October 3, 2010

CAMERA!!!!! LIGHTS!!!!!! ACTION!!!!!

YJs With the whos who of TV Media & Film at Iceplex Chembur Studio

Camera Lights Action!!!  Johny Lever, Kumar Ketkar, Kanchan Adhikari, Roop Kumar Rathod, Kalpana Lazmi and Mukesh Sharma inaugurated a Film and Media Studio in Ryan International School Chembur on 2nd October 2010. The studio is well-equipped with latest equipments for the production and post-production work.

"In the changing media scenario in India, we are confident of giving our students a head start in all its related fields. It is important to develop skill based programmes at the school level in order to globalize the reach of our students” says Managing Director Madam Grace Pinto of the Ryan International Group of Institutions embodying the motto "Excellence in Education and All Round Development".  Ryan International Group’s Chief Executive Officer          Mr. Ryan Pinto led the guests for the formal inauguration of the studio thereby encouraging the students as a youth icon. The group's executive head for strategy- Mr. Francis Joseph was also present during the ceremony.

With a fully functional studio already running full steam ahead in the Ryan International School, Malad; a new studio is being inaugurated in the Ryan International School in Chembur. The Ryan studio at Malad is already a recipient of the Limca book of records to be one of the first-of-its-kind studio to be based in a school. The Chembur studio will not only help the students in Chembur but also be more accessible to the students from Navi Mumbai.

These studios called ICEPLEX (Interactive Community Education Portal Leading Entire X-gen) are manned with professionally trained staff offering a variety of courses to the students, right from short film courses to news presentation and production courses. The trained students from all over the country have already been offered a platform on various channels like Tv9, Spacetoon Kids TV, Topper TV in a programme called “Young Jourknows” where news is "Of the People, for the People but by the Youth" and have already been offered internships in esteemed channels. 

YJ Swati Garg & YJ Aditya Kedia