YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel
YJ's Rocking on Topper Channel

October 8, 2010


YJs or Young Jourknows term was coined for the students who did the BBN (Beyond Breaking News) course which is both  COLD & HOT organised by www.iceplex.tv  under the ageis of Ryan International Group of Institutions, through out the year.
YJ Shashwat  at work place
 COLD- (Course On Line Data) The students aged 11 to 21 under go the news presentation, news gathering news scripting, news reporting, shooting ,editing etc. online for 6 weeks.

HOT- (Hands on Training) After finishing the COLD training online, the students are then invited to take up the Hands On   training  in a multi camera set up studio in Mumbai , wherein they learn the camera operations, post production techniques, how to gather and write news bulletins for TV. They are taught the ethics of News broadcast. Accuracy over Immediacy  or Immediacy over Accuracy is what they must under stand. 
YJs display BBN certificates with Anil Deshmukh(Minister F&Cs), Dhanraj Pillay& Mukesh Sharma 
By the end of the week the students are ready with  News Bulletin. The same is show cased  in presence of a media celebrity and the students are given certificate. They are now YJs.who have take up the Ethics of news reporting  BEYOND BREAKING NEWS. They were first seen on TV9 . They are now a regular feature on Topper channel &  Spacetoon Kids TV which is  a free to air channel for children and has footprint through India, Middle East & South East Asia.

The Icing on the cake is the YJ Madeeha, who is now working with DD News channel.
YJ Madeeha in conversation with Johny Lever
Are you a student & interested in becoming a YJ, send you email to  ryan.kumarabhi@gmail.com 

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